Does EA use stop loss and take profit? If than what’s the average SL and TP?
EA Does uses SL & TP. But both TP & SL are hidden to avoid stop hunting from the Brokers.
Why started with small amount?
It’s easier to send out the signals without any slippage and delayed execution. On Bigger accounts there is always slippages and Delayed execution which can ultimately effect the speed of trading signals.
Is the EA locked to the account or can I change accounts?
EA is locked with the account. If you want to change the account then send us email and we will lock it with your new account.
Is it EA or signal receiver?
This is an automated EA however customers only receive the trades in their accounts.
Best settings, pair and time-frame?
Default settings, EURUSD, M30
EA works with fixed lots?
In the EA you need to fix the lot size by yourself. We advise to not use the high lot size with small accounts.
Max drawdown?
You can expect the draw-down of up to 25%
Other means of payment?
Contact us if you would like to make payment via Skrill or Bitcoin.
Does lot size increases as account grows?
Yes, it is recommend to increase the lot size with the account balance.
What type of account and broker is recommended?
Any Good reputable broker will work just fine.
I am unable to set EA and VPS?
You can ask for our help and we will setup everything for you.
I have not received the EA or how can i download it?
Send us an email and we will send you everything.
My emails are not replied back?
Please make sure that email address is correct. You can send email directly to info@accountdoublerea.com